Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

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Discover the hidden technical SEO issues and untapped opportunities that when resolved, will allow Google to better crawl, index and rank your webpages to generate more traffic and sales.

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    How We Grow Training Sector Brands


    Looking for marketing campaigns that can pay for themselves many times over? We stake our reputation and our fee on getting great results. So if we don’t increase your rankings, traffic or sales (or reduce your cost per acquisition) you won’t pay a penny.

    Recent Results For Your Competitors

    SEO Roleplay



    seo marketing agency

    Generating over 5 times more website visitors in less than a dozen weeks via a handful of intensive SEO sessions provided London Role Play with a large increase in sales. The brand now dominates the search results throughout the UK with over 50 #1 positions in Google search results.

    • Technical SEO & Crawl Issue Fixes
    • Competitor & Keyword Research
    • Content & Meta Data Optimisation
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    SEO Surfing School



    seo optimisation

    Generating almost 3 times more visits each week for a Kite Surfing brand was a feat that totally exceeded their expectations. And by teaching BEKS how to achieve top Google rankings they were able to complement our one-off campaign with further improvements in-house.

    • Competitor & Keyword Research
    • Content & Meta Data Optimisation
    • Internal Linking & SEO Training
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    PPC University


    landing page designers

    Suffering from badly designed and awkwardly worded landing pages, the American University of Integrative Sciences needed our help to understand their enrolment page’s ‘conversion killing’ flaws – we also redesigned them to vastly increase enquiries from potential new students.

    • Landing Page Redesign & Advice
    • Paid Search Campaign Creation
    • Display Image Ad Optimisation
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    SEO Services for Training Companies

    It goes without saying that your training organisation needs to rank at the top of Google for your organisation’s name – so that your existing customers can access the information they came to find. However, it is by achieving top rankings in Google’s results for keywords that relate to the training courses you offer that you’ll generate more bookings and profits.

    training marketing agency

    • Training Consultancies
    • Universities and Colleges
    • Professional Development
    • Engineering Qualifications
    • Educational Organisations
    • Career Advice Businesses

    Over the years we have found that the websites of training providers are very well made, but suffer from a number of known problems that hold them back from higher rankings in Google’s search engine results pages. To help them achieve more website traffic we thoroughly review their site with pro SEO tools and implement campaigns that make use of the Search Engine Optimisation techniques we know work the best. These include:

    Technical SEO – Ensuring the search engines can more efficiently discover, crawl, index and then rank your site’s web pages. Distributing maximum “ranking power” to important pages via clever internal linking. Resolving issues relating to webpage load speeds, with broken links, temporary redirects and other known problems that usually result in hidden penalties and lower rankings.

    Keyword Research – We make sure the intelligence generated via keyword research allows your team and ours to recognise and target keyword phrases that are most often searched for by your market. So as well as the name of your training course, it is always important to identify the “modifier” and “qualifier” keywords your pages should be optimised with. These often include words like “trainer”, “teacher”, “qualifications”, “courses” and a whole range of terms that may not be mentioned in your page’s meta data and content, but are essential to allow Google to rank your page for a whole range of related search queries.

    Webpage Optimisation – We always include all the relevant words in page heading, subheading, content, image file names, image alt tags, and the anchor text of internal and incoming links. We do this in a way that ensures Google doesn’t flag your pages or penalise your rankings due to what they call “keyword stuffing”, an SEO error usually committed by many training organisations that try to second-guess Google and attempt to optimise their pages in-house.

    Link Building and Content Marketing – We uncover the most valuable incoming backlinks that are helping your competitors rank above you in the search engine results pages. And we use a range of tools to identify the subject matter of blog posts your site should contain to attract more visits from referring sites and the all-important incoming backlinks you need to outrank competitors.

    If your in-house team is usually responsible for your Google rankings and have come to a dead end on how to beat competitors to top results or you outsource search engine optimisation campaigns to external marketing agencies that don’t seem to be able to get the results – now may be the time to review your strategy. By making use of specialists you are likely to reclaim the share of your search market you have been losing to competitors all this time.

    Case Studies

    medical school marketing

    Medical School Marketing

    Reclaiming search markets for a Disruptive U.S. Medical School
    Working with the American University of Integrative Sciences to better understand the needs and behaviours of their search market, Albion’s advertising specialists sneakily scraped competitor target keywords, bids and ads. We then rebuilt the uni’s Google Ads campaigns to generate a profitable flow of enquiries from potential students.

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    Engineering Training Marketing

    Training Company Marketing

    Increasing visibility for critical industries engineering giants
    Specialist SEO knowhow and hands-on optimisation helped generate top rankings on Google for one of the UK government’s favoured engineering training firms. Achieving these rankings in national and international search results was instrumental to the company’s success which led to Edif ERA being bought by an even bigger beast.

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    executive training marketing

    Training Agency Marketing


    Helping transform a UK executive consultancy into a market leader
    Appleby Associates was saved from the history books by a new owner who was intent on reinventing the brand. Albion came on-board to redirect resources previously wasted on paid search marketing. We reinvested the monthly budget towards improving the site landing pages and generating increased Google traffic.

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    albion crown


    • …Web industry knowledge and hard work ethic have been of great benefit to the University of Brighton… providing valuable insights and documentation for our web editors

      Richard Penfound - Faculty Officer
      University of Brighton
    • Our search-engine rankings and traffic have vastly improved within just weeks of Martin carrying out SEO

      Mandy Jackson - MD
      London RolePlay
    • …Invaluable in identifying and reducing a huge number of tech SEO errors…which has turbo-boosted traffic

      Gordon Dowling - Marketing Executive
      Avatar Creative

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