Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

Search Engine Optimisation

Looking for risk-free SEO campaigns that pay for themselves many times over? Unlike other SEO agencies we stake our reputation and our fee on getting great results. So if we don't improve your Google rankings or search traffic for your target keywords, you won't pay a penny.

SEO Agency Services


Unlike most other SEO agencies, our primary goal is to ensure all our clients enjoy ongoing business growth.

Professional Service:
You will work directly with a senior company director rather than an inexperienced account manager.

Transparent Rates:
No lengthy tied-in contracts, a choice of pricing models and a free website SEO review to get you started.

  • Results-Driven SEO Strategies
  • Dedicated Expert SEO Specialists
  • Google Approved SEO Techniques
  • Transparent Monthly Reporting
  • No Lengthy "Tied-in" Contracts


There are lots of misunderstandings about search engine optimisation. This is partly due to the fact that Google keeps its ranking algorithm secret, but it’s also because a great many website design agencies provide ill-informed services that do not generate results. Indeed, a large number of Albion’s previous clients came to us for help after being tied to an ongoing SEO package that did nothing more than deplete their marketing budget.

Unless you know the finer points of optimising websites, lots of effort can be wasted trying to help search engines efficiently discover, crawl, index and rank web pages.

Does your marketing team believe that writing and publishing new content every week is the key to gaining top Google rankings? Are they convinced SEO is a “dark art” rather than a straightforward process of resolving crawl issues, duplicate content and broken links? Are your web editors unaware which elements of your web pages should be optimised with your target keyword phrases? If so, you are likely sending a share of your digital marketing budget in the wrong direction every month.

Albion has access to professional tools that allow you to monitor your rankings and export lists of the incoming links helping your competitors rank above you in the search engines. With these tools, and others, we are able to create once-only and ongoing SEO campaigns that generate huge amounts of traffic and sales for our clients. These are sales they would never otherwise have been able to tap into.

If your webmaster or digital marketing manager can’t tell you about the main areas of SEO related to technical fixes, meta data optimisation, content optimisation and incoming links, then it’s time you had Albion provide a free SEO review of your site. Our campaigns often pay for themselves many times over within months of your Google rankings increasing. See our results page for the proof or learn more about Search Engine Optimisation packages and SEO campaign prices.

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Optimisation
  • Content Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Migration
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  • We have seen a +500% increase in just 4 months and the increases haven’t stopped yet. They don’t just drip feed a few changes, they go in and make things work.

    Matt Mandell - Owner
  • Insightful & innovative. Not only in creating the websites for our business (Yuzoz) but also understanding business models and consumer behaviour. Highly recommended.

    John Mangano - Vice President
  • Since we implemented the changes, we have seen traffic rising and 139 first page rankings for our target keywords. Good news for a business which is entirely dependent on internet enquiries.

  • I know of no one who better weaves together both imagination with Internet capabilities… your vision, whether personal or commercial, will take shape on the Internet.

    Jeff Manber - CEO
  • Extremely professional, very insightful, and a pleasure to work with… implemented sound SEO techniques which have helped us improve rankings significantly in a small time-frame.

    David Jackson - MD
    Stone Executive
  • Through our link building efforts Albion were able to get a 100% increase in organic traffic to our website… also increasing the number of conversions on the site. Highly recommended!

  • A very systematic, methodical and transparent approach that gives results…Our CRO campaign has resulted in significant improvement of our conversion rate, +105% improvement to be precise.

  • We have already seen a 50% increase in organic traffic (in less than 3 months) and we are able to manage the performance ourselves and we are seeing ongoing improvements.

  • They always go the extra mile with great background research, making it their business to fully understand the market they are working in, to add maximum value.

    Any Huggins - CEO
    Rocket Marketing Group


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school seo agency services

After providing a free site audit and recommendations, we were asked by Bales College to get going right away. Before 6 sessions were completed, rankings for over 50 target keyword phrases had improved drastically. Starting a new trend of Google traffic growth.

  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Content & Meta Data Optimisation
  • SEO Errors & Broken Link Fixes
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SEO Theme Park


seo best practices

We helped a UK theme park achieve 70% more Google traffic and a large increase in sales on the previous year via a single campaign. We did this by taking SEO duties out of their web design agency’s hands, by optimising key pages, fixing hidden errors and redirecting old urls.

  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Content & Meta Data Optimisation
  • Broken Link Fixes & Redirects
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SEO Sphere


seo audit agency

A 50% increase in organic search visits for the UK’s leading digital recruitment agency was achieved first by identifying and resolving underlying SEO issues, then working with their in-house team to optimise meta data and content for their target keyword phrases.

  • Duplicate Content Issue Fixes
  • Content & Meta Data Optimisation
  • Link Building & Staff Training
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SEO Condo


seo agency services

Our on-page SEO campaign generated over 5 times more traffic and heaps more sales for America’s first online condom store. By managing a team of off-shore staff we were able to make Google love the site and reward it with over 100 top 3 rankings in the U.S. search results pages.

  • Content & Meta Data Optimisation
  • Authority Link Building & Redirects
  • SEO Team Management & Training
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SEO Lawyer


seo link building agency

A 70% increase in search traffic for one of Canada’s leading immigration law firms was achieved via onsite and offsite SEO. First we made the site easier for Google to crawl, then we optimised the pages before going on to acquire incoming links from a range of authoritative sites.

  • Duplicate Content Issue Fixes
  • Content & Meta Data Optimisation
  • Web Developer UX & SEO Training
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Technical SEO

Helping search engine robots efficiently crawl, index and rank your web pages

Because Google’s biggest challenge is to crawl billions of web pages and index that content in their servers, their most important recommendation has always been that your web pages are easy to discover, crawl, index and rank in the search results. This is why it’s essential to reduce wasting you site’s “crawl budget” on pages that lack unique content, such as blog archives and tag pages.

Keyword Research

Discovering high volume search queries your market actually searches for

Ask yourself whether you run an online “shop” or a “store”, or whether you offer “services” or “solutions”. Some keyword phrases are searched for ten times more often than others. Without fully understanding which search terms to target with your web pages, you are likely missing the vast majority of the traffic, leads and sales from your search market.

Metadata Optimisation

Ensuring your target keywords appear in the search engine results pages

Including each page’s target keyword phrases, such as product names and features in your meta titles and descriptions ensures these phrases are visible in the search engine results. Furthermore, by including “modifier” and “qualifier” keywords such as “buy”, “online”, “shop” and “sale” your pages can qualify to rank in the results for dozens of other longer search phrases.

Content Optimisation

Developing keyword rich textual page copy & optimised images

Creating impressive page copy that provides site visitors with valuable information about your products and services is essential. But in order to inform Google which phrases your pages should rank for, you’ll need variations of your target keywords in headings, subheadings, paragraphs, image file-names, image alt text and in the anchor text of links from your other web pages.

Content Marketing

Ensuring the whole world knows about your high-quality online content

One of the most misunderstood ideas about SEO is that publishing regular content is the best way to increase rankings. In fact, content is only a means to an end. The actual goal is to use content to gain links and visitors from other sites. Keep this in mind before investing in researching, writing, proofreading, formatting and publishing articles on your site each week.

SEO Link Building

Generating rank boosting backlinks from highly trusted authority sites

Despite anything fresh-faced social media executives and well-meaning digital marketing account managers might tell you, incoming links from other websites are still by far the most powerful SEO ranking factor. Topping Google’s results is best achieved by implementing a strategic programme that generates a steady stream of followed links from other related, authoritative and trusted sites.

Local SEO

Dominating the "local pack" of search results in your target locations

The vast majority of businesses are small operations that serve a relatively small local area. It is for this reason that competition in the “local pack” block of results is high. Your site can gain increased visibility by including data that Google can add to its search graph, or by generating reviews and populating your Google My Business profile with your operating hours, location and other details.

SEO Training

Dispelling SEO myths and empowering your team to optimise in-house

Empowering your marketing team with SEO knowledge can generate ongoing growth from increased traffic each month. Albion helps you achieve this by training your in-house staff to use tools to monitor site health and page speed, track and report SEO errors and rankings, implement content and link building campaigns and develop bespoke strategies to out-rank competitors.

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