Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth


Albion is a strategically led, creatively driven and technologically passionate team of digital pioneers. For over a decade our highly sought-after digital marketing specialists have built a name for ourselves as a winning team throughout the UK and over in the United States.

Our History

(Albion is the oldest known name of the island of Great Britain and is one of the oldest words remaining in the current English language. The word was used by the occupying Romans, is from Latin, was probably of Celtic origin and most likely refers to the white chalk cliffs along the south coast.)

Having spent over a decade growing a number of well-known UK and US brands whilst working with a range of marketing agencies, Martin Wilson created Albion to better provide truly bespoke marketing services for a select handful of organisations that have made the world a better place.

By headhunting the best catch of agency colleagues and freelancers, our digital marketing agency has grown to become a highly-sort after local organisation with a global perspective. Today Albion comprises of a close-knit team of seasoned digital strategists, designers, coders, writers and advertising specialists – each with a unique history of achievements for good karma businesses and organisations around the world, and beyond!

Our Approach

We believe brands are only as good as the value they bring to people’s lives. So by focusing on value we create long term relationships with our clients. And because digital transformation is the most urgent challenge for leaders in every industry today, our aim has always been to help forward-thinking clients succeed in the digital age. Whether that be by inspiring new strategies, developing better branding or generating more online traffic and sales.

Over the years we have discovered that clients come to us for inspiration and results, but they stay because they become accustomed to increased ROI and ongoing growth. We are hard-working, hands-on, passionate people who provide the honesty and clarity the digital marketing industry needs.

Albion are experienced problem solvers, makers and doers. Our way of working helps clients create world class experiences, empowers them to get ahead and ensures they stay there. We may be the vital addition to your team that your company needs. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Our Team

Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the most formidable marketing agencies and digital studios. We make sure you have direct access to this team of industry-leading strategists, design thinkers and marketing innovators – rather than rely on inexperienced account managers.

Martin Wilson

Managing Director

Richard Bruce

Technical Director

Andy Allen

SEO Executive

Chait Patel

SEO Executive

Ben Bailey

Feature Writer

Mike Ngabu


Hannah Ess

Paid Search

Raji Khan

Paid Search


Albion are thinkers, organisers and digital explorers, so we’re always actively seeking talented and motivated individuals to help us better serve our clients

At Albion, you’ll make good money and produce world-class work with a friendly and talented team of in-house and remote workers. 

Together we tackle the big problems for some of the most interesting and ambitious brands around the world. This includes space exploration companies, educational organisations, not-for-profit charities and a range of conscientious product developers and service providers.

Our best work comes from collaborating with innovators from all walks of life, so if you’re brilliant at what you do, you keep coming up with great ideas and are continuously challenging yourself – Get in touch

Current positions available include:

  • PR Consultants
  • SEO Consultants
  • PPC Consultants
  • Content Writers
  • Social Marketers

To apply for a job or contact our team, call +44 (0)7907 037400 or write to Albion Marketing Agency, Regent’s Court, Regency Square Brighton, BN1 2FF.

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Want to join our team or need to know more about our senior management staff? Drop us a line and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.