Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

Google Ads Advertising

Looking for risk-free pay per click campaigns that pay for themselves many times over? We stake our reputation and our fee on getting great results. So if we don't increase your paid search sales (or reduce your cost per conversion) you won't pay a penny.

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Unlike most other PPC agencies, our primary goal is to ensure all our clients enjoy ongoing business growth.

Professional Service:
You will work directly with a senior company director rather than an inexperienced account manager.

Transparent Rates:
No lengthy tied-in contracts, a choice of pricing models and a free Google Ads account review to get you started.

  • Results-Driven PPC Strategies
  • Dedicated Expert PPC Specialists
  • Google Approved PPC Techniques
  • Transparent Monthly Reporting
  • No Lengthy "Tied-in" Contracts


One of the most profitable ways to get your products and services in front of potential customers is via Google Display Network (GDN) advertising. These campaigns can be configured to show your graphical ads in an array of sizes and shapes in a variety of locations, including websites, apps, videos and elsewhere.

At Albion we usually make use of existing imagery on clients’ websites and develop the wording of ads in the form of clickable propositions that encourage visitors to click through to your landing page. From there they can make a purchase or get in touch, or indeed, be encouraged to go ahead and take any action you want them to on your site.

One of the beauties of display image advertising and PPC search advertising is the ability to create multiple variations of an ad and have them compete with each other. This allows advertisers to refine the ad wording and imagery in order to produce the optimal ad for converting sales. And by deciding your bid price and assigning a maximum daily or monthly budget, you can be assured that you never spend more on your advertising than you desire.

Over the years Google has added to the functionality of display ad targeting so that advertisers can target potential customers in specific locations, visitors of particular sites, and even those within a specific age group or income bracket. By creating low-cost remarketing campaigns we are able to follow your previous site visitors or paying customers around the web with specific ads that encourage them to buy more of your products.

With “affinity” and “custom intent” audiences, we can target your image ad campaigns at those who Google knows are looking for the products and services you offer. And by listing sites your online market visits, you can profit by effectively pinching customers from your competitors. Google is always bringing out new targeting methods and usually the first adopters take the lion’s share of the increased revenue that can be generated via online advertising.

Are you wasting a portion of your monthly display advertising budget? Request a Google Ads review now. If you are not currently exploiting the increased traffic and sales that can be had via display advertising, or are unsure if your campaigns are performing as well as they should be, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options at no cost. And if you want to learn more, see our results and find out about our Google Ads advertising packages and image advertising optimisation rates.

  • Image Ad Creation
  • Image Ad Split Testing
  • Budgeting & Bidding
  • Placement Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Remarketing Campaigns
albion crown


  • We have seen a +500% increase in just 4 months and the increases haven’t stopped yet. They don’t just drip feed a few changes, they go in and make things work.

    Matt Mandell - Owner
  • Insightful & innovative. Not only in creating the websites for our business (Yuzoz) but also understanding business models and consumer behaviour. Highly recommended.

    John Mangano - Vice President
  • Since we implemented the changes, we have seen traffic rising and 139 first page rankings for our target keywords. Good news for a business which is entirely dependent on internet enquiries.

  • I know of no one who better weaves together both imagination with Internet capabilities… your vision, whether personal or commercial, will take shape on the Internet.

    Jeff Manber - CEO
  • Extremely professional, very insightful, and a pleasure to work with… implemented sound SEO techniques which have helped us improve rankings significantly in a small time-frame.

    David Jackson - MD
    Stone Executive
  • Through our link building efforts Albion were able to get a 100% increase in organic traffic to our website… also increasing the number of conversions on the site. Highly recommended!

  • A very systematic, methodical and transparent approach that gives results…Our CRO campaign has resulted in significant improvement of our conversion rate, +105% improvement to be precise.

  • We have already seen a 50% increase in organic traffic (in less than 3 months) and we are able to manage the performance ourselves and we are seeing ongoing improvements.

  • They always go the extra mile with great background research, making it their business to fully understand the market they are working in, to add maximum value.

    Any Huggins - CEO
    Rocket Marketing Group


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    241 Club
    100% More Sales Per Week
  • adwords ppc optimisation
    Appleby Associates
    57% More Sales Leads Per £
  • ppc optimisation agency
    ARC Recruitment
    47% More Sales Leads Per £
  • ppc adwords agency
    Bar Seventy 6
    100% More Sales Leads Per £
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    Pongwe Hotel
    100% More Sales Leads Per £
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    Safari and Beach
    100% More Sales Leads Per $
  • Sussex Back Pain Clinic
    100% More Sales Leads Per £



online shop ppc results

With a Google Ads account audit, a set of campaign rebuilds and ongoing optimisation, Albion more than doubled Gas Cage Shop’s paid search sales compared to the same period in the previous year – and we did all of this whilst reducing the average cost per sale by 14%.

  • PPC Account Audit & Optimisation
  • Ad Copywriting & Split Testing
  • Budget Scaling & Growth Rebidding
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PPC Zips


ppc optimisation agents width=

By focussing on reducing wasted spend in the Zip Wire Shop’s Google Ads account, Albion was able to achieve much cheaper costs per sale acquisition. Then we steadily increased monthly spend (and sales) in order to scale-up and enjoy maximum benefit from more sales.

  • Google Ads PPC Account Overhaul
  • Bidding Strategy Review & Rebidding
  • Responsive Search Ads Optimisation
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PPC Executive



Google Ads Optimisation Agency

This executive career brand came to us after they had wasted their advertising budget on inefficient Google Ads which left no funds to increase monthly investment in paid search. We totally rebuilt their advertising campaigns to generate lots more sales leads for a reduced monthly spend.

  • Google Search Ads Campaign Creation
  • Keyword Research & Bidding
  • Ad Copywriting & Optimisation
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PPC University


landing page designers

Suffering from badly designed and awkwardly worded landing pages, the American University of Integrative Sciences needed our help to understand their enrolment page’s ‘conversion killing’ flaws – we also redesigned them to vastly increase enquiries from potential new students.

  • Landing Page Redesign & Advice
  • Paid Search Campaign Creation
  • Display Image Ad Optimisation
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PPC Recruitment


website design and development agency

Having previously optimised the UK’s leading aesthetics recruitment website for higher rankings, we were asked to turn that traffic into more leads. By cutting out lots of wasted advertising spend, we generated almost half as many more leads per month whilst vastly reducing costs.

  • PPC Account Audit & Optimisation
  • Keyword Research & Optimisation
  • Ad Copywriting & Split Testing
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Uncovering wasted ad spend and redirecting budget to convert more sales

In-house marketing teams and outsourced pay per click management agencies often reach the limits of their knowledge when it comes to improving Google Ad campaigns. For this reason it is always best to get a second opinion from those who are able to review campaigns, spot untapped opportunities and uncover and channel wasted spend into more profitable areas.


Using existing brand logos or images and compelling wording to create clickable ads

Google’s Display Network (GDN) includes countless websites that are happy to display your ads. Cost per click is cheaper for display ads than search ads – and the responsive graphic image ads we create work perfectly in all sizes. Better still, we use the wording of your best-performing text ads to ensure high click-through rates and more conversions for the lowest possible cost.


Testing variations of best-performing ads against each other to increase conversions

Gone are the days when half of an advertiser’s budget is wasted. By split testing ads against each other it is a straightforward task to come up with optimal wording to generate higher click-through rates and sales conversions. We routinely pause all of your worst performing ads and make variations of the best ones to refine ad copy in a way that results in the most sales.


Adding code to landing pages to cookie visitors and follow them around the web

The more often your potential customers are reminded about the benefits of your products, the more likely they are to buy from you. For this reason we target lists of your site’s previous visitors and serve them with image ads on the other sites they visit on the web. This also allows us to attract visitors who abandoned their shopping carts, thus helping to pick up all those previously missed sales.


Identifying suitable markets to target by their interests, age, gender or income

Reaching out to new potential markets with display network ads and pulling them to landing pages is one of the most effective ways we increase leads and sales for clients. We can do the relevant research and target your ads at those potential customers whom Google knows have shown an interest in your product via their use of keywords or even their gender, age and annual income.


Displaying ads on preferred devices, in target locations and at optimal times

By adjusting bids for the individual sites your ads are displayed on we are able to send the right amount of budget to each type of targeting option used. We also adjust bids to ensure your ads are visible in optimal ad positions on desktops, tablets and mobiles. In this way we are able to save display network advertising spend and funnel your budget to the targeting methods that generate the most conversions.


Ensuring your team can take the reins of your Google Ads account if preferred

Learning as you go along is an expensive mistake many businesses realise after wasting a large amount of budget on image ads. Instead, your in-house team can gain a deeper understanding of how to generate sales through advertising by watching how a Google display network expert does it. They can also learn to use time-saving third-party tools and how to spy on competitor ads, keywords and bids.

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