Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

Marketing Packages

Want to know which digital marketing channels generate more traffic and sales than the others? Or unsure why your website isn't acquiring the traffic and sales you require? Allow Albion to guide you through services that can generate ongoing growth for your business

Digital Marketing Campaigns

As a results-driven digital marketing agency, Albion specialises in just those marketing disciplines known to generate the majority of online traffic and sales for brands around the world. Sure, email marketing can allow unscrupulous spammers to blast your offering to countless untargeted victims and social media can bring lots of ‘engagement’, but does engagement equal sales? Do more ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ mean ongoing growth from increased profits which can be ploughed back into further marketing campaigns to produce the ‘snowball’ effect? In a word – no.

By listening to our client’s previous experiences with digital marketing we have been able to identify a whole range of issues that hold good brands back from their full potential. For example, when hiring marketing services, some of our clients have:

  • Been burned by their web designer who claimed that they knew how to achieve top Google rankings
  • Been mis-sold a badly designed, generic, templated site which lacks the elements that make sales
  • Been milked by their web developer for every change requested because the site uses a bespoke CMS
  • Been tied to their marketing agency because they don’t have admin access to their Adwords account
  • Been held back by an ongoing retainer package that does nothing but report monthly site traffic stats
  • And worse of all, been forced to work through inexperienced account managers rather than experts

Sound familiar?

Many of our clients come to us with one or more of the above previous experiences after suffering months or even years of receiving low-quality services whereby it takes ages to get anything done. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Any good digital marketing agency will already know what works and what they’re good at, and will have turned that into a set of services they can offer to guarantee more traffic and sales for clients. And by fine-tuning their methods and practices they will be able to offer clients in all sectors packages that explore untapped opportunities and, over time, pay for themselves.

For the above reasons, we are proud to display our exceptional results upfront, and offer only the services we know will help generate ongoing growth for our clients around the world. These include an array of finely tuned packages that provide branding, with strategies and websites designed to convert sales, as well as inbound marketing campaigns that generate ongoing increases of traffic.

For those who have a good idea about what is currently working best to gain more traffic, achieve more sales or develop a business through improved branding, we offer unique digital marketing packages and bespoke services that work to complement your existing digital marketing and real-world marketing campaigns.

We can achieve your targets with new strategies that we can implement alone or alongside your team. Our services are fully flexible and all are guaranteed to generate increased rankings, cheaper cost per sales acquisition or better sales conversion rates (or you don’t pay a penny). Our consultation rates are £97 per hour, £333 per half day, or £3000 for intensive 4.5 day projects spread over a month – and with Albion all tools are paid for by us, so there is no VAT to pay or hidden extras.


  • All campaigns are implemented in either 7 hour or 3.5 hour sessions over 4 to 8 weeks
  • Covers all traffic, rankings, advertising and cro statistics reports – paid for by Albion
  • All files (audit notes, schedules, results reports and training docs) shared in Dropbox
  • Ensures your team can learn how we went about acquiring your increased traffic or sales
  • Guaranteed to increase rankings, traffic or conversions – or you don’t pay a penny


  • Pay half before session 1 and half on completion – all tools paid for by Albion and no VAT to pay
  • Requires at least 30 mins input from your team during or after each session, to approve our work
  • Requires access to your Google Analytics account and for your team to add a small snippet of code
  • It is not essential that we have access to the backend of your website or control panel if you prefer your own web developer to make the recommended changes to your pages. However, if you choose to have your web developer do it themselves it is advisable to ensure they assign up to 3 x 3.5 hour sessions on the scheduled campaign days in order to complete the hands-on work required to implement the improvements


Brand Design and Marketing StrategyDesigning memorable brands, developing your value proposition, unique selling point, elevator pitch and the tools required to grow your brand.

Website Design and DevelopmentDesigning, creating and developing professional and persuasive websites that work as a marketing tool to generate traffic and sales for your products.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)Redesigning and rewording website homepages and landing pages to generate more leads and sales conversions from your existing traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Gaining higher ranking positions in Google’s natural search engine results pages to generate more search traffic to your website each month.

Pay Per Click Search Advertising (PPC)Creating profitable search network ad campaigns and bidding on target keywords to achieve top positions in Google’s search results pages.

Adwords Image Advertising (PPC)Creating highly clickable image ads and placing them on relevant websites, apps, and videos to achieve increased product visibility and sales.


Brand Design and Marketing Strategy

Designing memorable brands, developing your value proposition, unique selling point, elevator pitch and tools to grow your brand. See our digital marketing packages.
  • Gathering information about your business goals, your brand’s needs, and your potential markets. Then discussing your competition and which marketing strategies and traffic channels best suit your online requirements and goals
  • Creating shared Dropbox folders to store all of our work files, research documents, campaign schedule, website and marketing materials copy as well as our SEO, CRO and PPC results reports – giving you 24/7 access to all data
  • Working with you to decide the priority of your website’s goals, for example having a user: 1 – buy a featured product, 2 – buy any product, 3 – submit a lead generation/contact form, 4 – phone you, 5 – sign up to your newsletter
  • Ensuring your Google Analytics or other analytics software is actively tracking goal conversions, setting up Google Search Console, Adwords accounts as well as software to track your weekly website error count and rankings
  • Establishing your online strategy of which methods and tools to use to achieve your goals. Creating or refining your value proposition, unique selling points and elevator pitch and other marketing wording to be used online


Website Design

Designing, creating and developing professional and persuasive websites that work as a marketing tool to  generate more traffic and sales. See our website design packages.
  • Review of your goals and requirements, setting out and agreeing on a comprehensive spec list that spells out the pages, posts, features and functionality the site should include as well as notes on design elements and branding
  • Creation of mock-up images of the homepage, a standard page, contact page, product page and blog/news post – that allows us to refine layouts and minor elements that should appear in the sidebar and footer of the site
  • Website build – the creation of all pages and their content, all menus and header and homepage elements such as logos, sign-up forms, phone numbers, welcome message, your shipping policy, best offers and promoted products
  • Optimisation and testing – creation of all meta data for each page, creation of redirects from old site urls and a period of testing while the site is on the testing server – allows your team to make amends before the new site goes live
  • Launch of the site, including checking analytics coding, contact forms, redirects and other technical functionality works well now the site is seen on the correct domain – also allows time for minor amends to images and wording


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Redesigning and rewording website homepages and landing pages to generate more leads and sales conversions from your existing traffic. See our CRO packages.
  • Listing your site’s main goals and mapping those to call-to-action elements on your site. Auditing the site to generate a list of recommendations and discussing how to better sell your offering with improved images and wording
  • Informing your team of known conversion killers, such as homepage slideshows, and explaining how sales figures can increase by using benefit lists, social proof, testimonials, authority elements and call-to-action text
  • Establishing a set of main hypotheses we can test, i.e. “We believe that replacing your homepage slideshow with a value proposition, a list of benefits and a short contact form would generate more homepage sales leads”
  • Design and implement 3 A/B or multivariate split tests that uncover more conversions from, say, repositioning a lead generation form, rewording your homepage welcome message or redesigning call-to-action buttons
  • Running the conversion rate optimisation split tests until the data is conclusive then working with your team to implement the layout and wording improvements so you enjoy lots more sales conversion for your existing traffic


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Gaining higher ranking positions in Google’s natural search engine results pages to generate more search traffic to your website each month. See our SEO packages.
  • Crawling your website to uncover hidden SEO errors, duplicate content, unoptimised meta data and content – and setting up weekly crawl and rankings reporting so we can monitor the improvement of your Google rankings
  • Doing keyword research and mapping your existing web pages to target keyword phrases we know receive high volumes of search traffic, then identifying “qualifier” keywords that qualify your pages for other search terms
  • Optimising your target pages’ meta titles and meta descriptions to include your target keyword phrases, as well as call-to-actions and benefits which encourage searchers to click through to your site from the results
  • Optimisation of your target pages’ content in a way that supports your meta data – such as including variations of your target keywords in page headings, URLs, subheadings, paragraphs, image file names, alt tags and internal links
  • Exporting your competitors’ best links and fixing all known remaining technical SEO errors to ensure Google’s robots can efficiently discover, crawl, index and rank your pages higher in the search engine results pages


Pay Per Click Search Advertising (PPC)

Creating profitable search network ad campaigns and bidding on target keywords to achieve top positions in Google search results pages. See our PPC packages.
  • Establishing with you the products and services to be advertised and the nature of your paid search market, to establish the keyword groups we want to bid on and setting up conversion tracking on your website landing pages
  • Setting up a range of search network text ad campaigns and ad groups as well as creating the initial set of text ads, then configuring each campaign’s settings – including your daily maximum budget limit and targeting options
  • Keyword and competitor research to sneakily uncover which keywords, bids and ad copy are working for them. Then placing initial bids on a range of different keyword phrases and setting bid adjustments for devices and locations
  • Running your campaign first for a few days and then for a week before optimising bids, uncovering wasteful negative keywords and doing a round of ad copy split testing to discover which ads get most conversions
  • Review and refinement of your advertising campaigns, including further ad split testing, new keywords and rebidding and making bid adjustments before moving on to ongoing Adwords advertising optimisation


Adwords Image Advertising (PPC)

Creating highly clickable image ads and placing them on relevant websites, apps, and videos to achieve increased product visibility and sales. See our AdWords packages.
  • Planning – product research and mapping products to Adwords campaigns. Plus gathering information  about your target products, your target market and setting up your account and configuring conversion tracking
  • Campaign and ad group creation and configurations then moving on to setting up your targeting methods, such as existing customers, competitor site visitors or choosing which sites to place your image ads on
  • Creation of multiple image ads in each ad group – so we can test them against each other and see which gains most clicks and conversions. Writing ad wording and ensuring each ad works well in multiple device types
  • Optimisation of your bids and targeting methods after initial click data review. Then pausing the worst performing ad from each group and creating variations of the best performers in a round of ad split testing
  • Adwords account refinement – further rounds of ad split testing, bid adjustments, targeting enhancement and final rebidding so that your campaigns generate just those clicks that are most likely to convert into sales


  • Complement your once-only branding, strategy, CRO, SEO or PPC packages with ongoing monthly digital marketing plans that work alongside your in-house team’s efforts to ensure you get the most effective marketing strategies implemented for the least amount of investment
  • Profit from insider knowledge and insight about essential win-win digital marketing strategies and best practices – guaranteed to increase traffic and reduce shopping cart abandonment – via bespoke consultancy services that allow your team to implement profitable campaigns in-house
  • Get your website or existing search marketing campaigns audited and decide which of the recommendations you can implement yourself – then have us work on the fixes to known rankings and sales conversion killers, usability issues and settings that waste advertising spend each month
  • Or tell us about your main business goals and marketing requirements and we will provide a free site review and recommendations that can be packaged into a digital marketing campaign that suits your budget and can generate more money than it costs to implement. Take a look at our campaign results which speak, and pay, for themselves many times over

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