Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

CRO Packages

Want to know for a fact if your website has the right wording and layout to convert maximum leads and sales from your existing traffic? Have us improve your page's conversion rates with a bespoke CRO redesign and A/B split testing package.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Campaigns

Our popular one-off and ongoing Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) campaign packages provide everything you need to generate more leads and sales from your existing website traffic. Because doubling your landing page conversion rate means doubling the number of sales you make each day, CRO is often one of the most effective ways to grow your business for a relatively small investment.

Our experienced CRO Agency provides comprehensive optimisation packages which first establish and prioritise your website’s main goals, and then map those goals to elements on your site. We also audit your landing page wording and layout from a CRO point of view and list untapped opportunities that are likely to help reduce friction, build user confidence and generate more leads or sales.

After auditing your landing page and providing a comprehensive list of potential improvements, we work with you to establish a list of 3 hypotheses that can be proven without a doubt in a set of controlled tests. We then go ahead and create variations of your landing page with tools such as Optimizely, setting up all the click and conversion goals before activating a round of A/B split tests to see which variation of your page gains the most traction.

We send a percentage of your traffic to each variation of your page for a few weeks, and your team can watch the results come in. This will tell us which page elements work best to encourage visitors to fill out your contact form or help them get further down the sales funnel to complete a purchase. Once each test is conclusive we implement the best version of each element to ensure you enjoy the improved spoils of a highly optimised contact or product page.

By combining the winning layouts and wording from all 3 split tests you will enjoy reduced friction and increased lead and sale conversions. In addition, your team will also get a much better understanding about how to reword propositions for maximum effect, which social proof and evidence of authority elements are essential to include in a page, how to position contact forms and bullet points of benefits for both desktop and mobile visitors and much much more…

Our website conversion optimisation packages are guaranteed to generate more leads or sales for the same amount of traffic in a way that improves your return on investment in website design and marketing efforts. Indeed, many of our clients have found that conversion optimisation has generated more sales from existing traffic than investing in acquiring more traffic. We are so confident in our CRO packages that if we don’t increase your website conversion rates you don’t pay a single penny. Initial campaigns are done in 9 half-day sessions that span the time required to gather conclusive results (usually 2 months) at a total cost of £3000 – (there is no VAT to pay, no hidden extras and we cover the cost of all A/B and multivariate split testing tools.

We can also help even if you are able to run split tests and implement the winning layouts and wording in-house. We provide bespoke CRO consultations and advice services that provide you with all the support and recommendations you’ll need to increase your conversion rates yourself – even if it’s just a case of having us act as an informed third party to audit your landing pages and list recommendations we know are likely to increase conversions. Once-only or ongoing conversion optimisation consultation rates are £97 per hour or £333 per half day – and there is no VAT to pay or hidden extras.


  • Implemented in 7 hour or 3.5 hour sessions and spread over 8 weeks from the start date
  • Covers all reporting so you can see which landing page variations are beating the others
  • All files (audit notes, test hypotheses & schedule, results reports) shared in Dropbox
  • Includes prioritising your goals and mapping those goals to elements in your web page
  • Full homepage or landing page CRO audit and a comprehensive list of recommendations
  • Establishment of 3 main hypotheses and identification of key performance indicators
  • Includes up to 3 multivariate or A/B split tests, each with at least 3 variations for each test
  • Implementation of the winning elements on your pages or instructions for your developer
  • Provides conversion optimisation advice for your web designer and marketing copywriter
  • Guaranteed to increase homepage or landing page lead or sales conversion rates


  • Pay half before session 1 and half on completion – all tools paid for by Albion and no VAT to pay
  • Requires at least 30 mins input from your team during or after each session, to approve our work
  • Requires access to your Google Analytics account and for your team to add a small snippet of code
  • It is not essential that we have access to the back-end of your website or control panel if you prefer your own web developer to implement the recommended changes to your landing pages. However, if you choose to have your web developer make the changes themselves, it is advisable to ensure they assign up to 3 x 3.5 hour sessions on the scheduled campaign days in order to complete the hands-on work required to implement the improvements


1. Planning – Establishing and prioritising your online goals and key performance indicators
  • Creating shared Dropbox folders for our work files, research documents, campaign schedule, landing page audit, suggested wording amendments, layout improvement images, and the results reports – giving you 24/7 access to all data
  • Working with you to decide the priority of your online goals, for example having a user: 1 – buy a featured product, 2 – buy any product, 3 – submit a lead generation/contact form, 4 – phone you, 5 – sign up to your newsletter
  • Ensuring your Google Analytics or other analytics software is actively tracking goal conversions for ‘buy now’ button clicks, order completion page visits or thank you page visits (where users are redirected to after filling out a form)
  • Establishing benchmark figures that provide a baseline we can use to compare split test results. For example, establishing your existing traffic to lead conversion rates for the homepage or landing page to be optimised
2. Auditing – Undertaking a conversion rate optimisation audit and listing recommendations
  • Review of your chosen landing page, or your site’s homepage if that is the page you want to be optimised, then listing friction points that could discourage potential customers from your desired goals
  • Listing known conversion rate optimisation best practices that apply to your pages, and suggesting improvements such as adding lists of the benefits of buying from you, social proof, testimonials and authority elements
  • Providing a list of usability improvements we believe will make your users’ journey to a purchase much easier – including layout tweaks and load speed improvements essential for mobile devices
  • Reviewing the list of landing page recommendations with you and establishing which improvements could easily be implemented on your site, including discussions on how to best word your value proposition and unique selling points
3. Hypotheses – Establishing 3 hypotheses and associated layout and wording to be tested
  • Using our list of recommendations and your feedback, we establish 3 main hypotheses we believe we would be able to prove or disprove via 3 split tests or multivariate tests implemented on your chosen landing pages
  • Working with you to establish improved wording for your landing pages, for example ensuring the benefits of your shipping prices, special offers and up-selling options are highly visible to visitors when viewing your products
  • Making a record of each hypothesis to be tested, for example: “We believe that replacing your homepage slideshow with a value proposition, a list of benefits and a short contact form would generate more homepage sales leads”
  • Using the 3 hypotheses to design 3 split tests that test up to 3 variations against each other – such as repositioning a lead generation form, rewording your homepage welcome message or redesigning call-to-action buttons
4. Variations – Creating up to 3 variations for each of the 3 page elements to be split tested
  • Gaining access to your content management system back-end (such as pages, posts or template files in your WordPress, Joomla or eCommerce installation) so we can amend page elements – or instruct your developer
  • Either create copies of your landing page (such as making a copy of your homepage or contact page using a different URL) so that we can make changes to it and send a portion of your visitors to the alternate version of the page…
  • Or upload a copy of your landing page to A/B split testing tools such as Optimizely, where we use their page editors to make a series of variations of your page with different design layouts, page elements or alternate wording
  • Ensuring each newly created variation of your landing page works well in a variety of browsers and devices so that each has an equal chance of competing against the other variations in a controlled split test
5. Split Testing – Setup and activation of 3 multivariate or A/B tests and monitoring results
  • Setting up each A/B split test or multivariate test as a campaign in popular tools such as Optimisely, Unbounce, Leadpages or Google’s website optimizer, then preparing a spreadsheet to record the results as they come in
  • Configuring each split test to ensure that the right type of site visitors are exposed to the variations – for example, we may decide just to test variations of a page layout on mobile users or just on those in the US
  • Assigning a suitable percentage of traffic to the tests – for example, if your site has lots of traffic, we may only want 10% of visitors to see variations of your landing page to ensure the test doesn’t negatively impact sales
  • Setting up click tracking on relevant call-to-action buttons and page view tracking on order completion or contact form thank you pages. This allows us to track our goals as we activate each campaign and monitor the results over the coming weeks
6. Implementation – Implementing the winning variation of each test on your landing page
  • Once the split test results have gathered enough data to reach a state of statistical significance, or you are suitably satisfied that one variation has out-performed the others in each test, we deactivate all 3 of the split tests
  • Working with your developer or on our own (depending on your wishes), we either replace the old landing page with the improved variation, redirect it to its new URL or simply replace the page element with the improved version
  • Once the winning variation of each page element or full page is implemented on the site we ensure the old variations have either been removed or saved as draft pages, so no visitors can accidentally visit an old test variation page
  • After recording the improved conversion rates in our campaign spreadsheet, we calculate your estimated overall conversion rates, for example, if each of the 3 tests generated 10% more sales, you can expect 30% more sales


  • Complement your once-only conversion rate optimisation split testing campaign with a monthly Ongoing CRO Plan – that builds on the initial gains made to your increased sales, by further refinement of your marketing messages, product pages and contact forms
  • Profit from insider knowledge and insight about essential win-win conversion elements and best practices via bespoke conversion rate optimisation consultation – guaranteed to reduce shopping cart abandonment caused by marketing copywriters and designers copying known CRO issues from generic site templates and badly designed competitor sites
  • End in-house niggles and doubts by establishing once and for all if you were right to replace your homepage slideshow with a sign-up form or to just include a hero image and a big call-to-action button. Settle arguments between marketing or sales teams, designers or management or even take bets on whose messaging and layout will win a controlled split test to generate more profits for your business
  • Get your site audited and decide in-house which of the recommendations you can implement in a way that informs your team of known conversion killers, usability issue, missing trust elements and benefits points your product pages, landing pages or homepage should include – so you can continue to generate more sales from your traffic in-house
  • Or simply tell us about your site’s main goals and where you expect to generate the most income – so we can provide a free list of recommendations that includes all the hidden psychological elements exploited by your competitors and advice on how to enjoy profitable CRO campaigns that make lots more money than they cost to run – Take a look at our results which, speak (and pay) for themselves

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