Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

PPC Packages

Need your products and services to appear at the top of Google's search results? Invest in a Pay Per Click search advertising package and enjoy more sales instantly - or have us optimise your existing campaigns to enjoy cheaper cost per acquisition - or you won't pay a penny.

Google Ads Pay Per Click Campaigns

Albion’s pay per click agency offers 3-day, 6-day and ongoing campaigns that cover every aspect Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords). We will set up and optimise all the search network advertising you will need to start profiting from paid search ads. This includes all the product research required to create campaigns that map your target products, as well as all the keyword research required to bid on the most effective target keywords. It also includes all copywriting needed to create a large selection of text ads that will attract additional visitors to your site.

In addition, we create all the relevant ad extensions that will make your ads bigger than your competitors’ and more clickable – we set your campaign to target specific Google networks and specific locations. We also configure each ad group to adjust bids depending on how much traffic you want from different devices, such as mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop computers.

Once your Google Ads campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords bids, extensions and targeting settings are configured and activated, we study the click data and optimise your account to ensure your budget isn’t wasted on clicks from off-target keywords. The next stage is optimising your bids on each keyword phrase to ensure your budget is directed only at those that generate lead conversions on your site – and we refine the wording of your ads by split-testing variations against each other to see which wording gets the best click-through and conversion rates. This allows us to continually refine your ads to achieve the optimal number of lead conversions for your daily budget.

Our search advertising campaign setup packages are guaranteed to generate an increase of highly targeted search traffic – or you won’t pay a penny. Likewise, our optimisation service for existing campaigns is guaranteed to reduce the cost of each lead or sales acquisition. Setup campaigns are completed in 9 half-day sessions spanning 2 months and the total cost is £3,055 (discounted to £3,000). There is no VAT to pay, no hidden extras and we cover the cost of all reporting and pro PPC tools.

Need your existing Google Ads campaigns boosted with a one-off review session, or an ongoing Pay Per Click optimisation service? Our monthly ongoing PPC plans take all the work out of your hands and ensure your business is not wasting advertising budget on off-target paid search clicks. Rates are £97 per hour or £333 per half day. Again, all pro tools are paid for by Albion, there’s no VAT to pay and there are no hidden extras.


  • Implemented in a total of 6 x 3.5 hour sessions spread over 8 weeks from the start date
  • Covers all advert reporting so you can see which keywords generated your extra sales
  • All files (competitor, keyword and ad research, schedule and reports) shared in Dropbox
  • Targets up to 5 products or services with specific campaigns and ad groups for each
  • Bid adjustments to target preferred device types, days or times of the week and locations
  • Advert copywriting using best practice methods to generate high click-through rates
  • Ensures 3 rounds of ad split-testing to refine your ad wording to achieve optimum clicks
  • Provides conversion tracking and landing page design advice for your web developers
  • Covers all the research, building and optimisation required for 2 months of advertising
  • Guaranteed to increase targeted search traffic or sales lead conversions from Google


  • Pay half before session 1 and half on completion – all tools paid for by Albion and no VAT to pay
  • Requires at least 30 mins input from your team during or after each session to approve our work
  • Requires access to your Google Analytics and permission to create your Google Ads account
  • Thought not essential, it is recommended that your site contains tailor-made product pages or specific landing pages (with highly visible lead acquisition forms that redirect to trackable “thank you” pages when submitted). This allows us to optimise your advertising campaigns to maximise leads and sales conversions


1. Planning – Product research and mapping, information gathering and account creation
  • Planning the best strategies to suit your business and generate the paid search clicks most likely to result in leads and sales conversions on your site. Identifying how your advertising budget would best map to your products and services
  • Creating shared Dropbox folders to host work files, research documents and results reports – so you can access all campaigns information, strategy plans and schedules at any time during or after your search network advertising campaign creation
  • Compiling all the relevant questions your team should answer in order to ensure we can build the campaigns in a way that most effectively targets your main search markets, the type of search queries they use and their general browsing habits
  • Requesting access to view your existing Google Ads account or create a new one in your existing Google account (so you’ll always have full control in the future) and associating it with your Google Analytics to import your ad data
2. Setup – Campaigns and Ad Groups creation, conversion tracking setup and configuration
  • Creating new campaigns for each group of products you want to advertise and then creating individual ad groups inside each campaign (so that each specific collection of related keywords triggers a highly relevant ad)
  • Configuring each campaign to target your desired countries, cities or postcode regions. Setting each to use Google’s search network only or to include their search partner sites. Setting budget and ad rotation options for each campaign
  • Ensuring each campaign’s set of ad groups have a default bid and the required bid adjustments for different devices, locations and times of the week (i.e. you may not want to advertise on the weekend or out of office hours)
  • Setting up goal conversions in Google Analytics and importing them into your Google Ads accounts – so we can see which keywords, ads or targeting methods generate the most leads from your contact forms or sales from your product pages
3. Keywords – Keyword research and bidding, initial negative keywords and bid adjustments
  • Gathering initial keyword data to get a comprehensive view of the average cost per click and monthly search volume of potential target keyword phrases, then using pro PPC tools to discover similar, cheaper high-volume keywords
  • Creating default ad group level and bespoke cost per click bids for every keyword phrase we want to advertise on, including higher bids for exact and phrase match types and lower bids on modified broad-match keyword phrases
  • Uncovering the negative keywords that appear in search queries used by those who are not interested or ready to buy your product – such as “free”, “reviews”, “videos”, “worst”, “scam” and many more budget-wasting words
  • Creating bid adjustments that increase or decrease default keyword bids depending on how likely users are to convert to a sale, their location, the time of the day or day of the week and the device type they are using
4. Ad Creation – Competitor research, ad extension creation, ad copywriting and activation
  • Using sneaky professional pay per click tools that allow us to take a peek at your search advertising competitors’ ad wording and uncover which phrases are doing the best job of generating clicks and sales
  • Incorporating your products’ benefit points and features into ad copy, including marketing psychology copywriting and best practices to catch your customers’ attention, create desire and call them to action via your ads
  • Making your ads bigger and more impressive than your competitors’ ads by creating ad extensions that illustrate your key products and services, add links to your other web pages, or add your phone number to your ads
  • Ensuring each ad group contains only ads that strongly reflect the searcher’s query and intent – by wording your ad’s titles and descriptions in a way that answers their query or indicates that your product solves their needs
5. Optimisation – Initial click data review, bidding amendments and ad wording optimisation
  • Studying the first few days and weeks of paid advertising click data, including the keywords that generated most clicks, the average cost of those clicks and the figures relating to which ones generated sales
  • Feeding the intelligence gained from our click data review back into Google Ads by revising our choice of keywords, ensuring none of your budget is being wasted by off-target search terms, customer locations or devices
  • Adjusting the amount of money we are happy to pay for clicks on each keyword phrase we are bidding on – to ensure our ads are visible at the top of Google’s search results and to send budget to the best-performing keywords
  • Ensuring each ad group has at least 2 alternate ads running at the same time – so we can collect the click data and work out which initial “best guess” ad gets the best click-through and conversion rates
6. Refinement – Ad split testing, bid adjustments, negative keywords and final rebidding
  • Having optimised the wording of your initial set of ads in each ad group we further refine them by pausing the worst performing ads and making variations to those that performed best in a series of split tests
  • We discover if your cheapest sales conversions come via mobile, tablet or desktop devices. If they come from particular locations or during office hours or at night time – then we adjust bids accordingly to get you optimum ROI
  • We review every search query used to trigger your ads on an ongoing basis and identify negative keywords and expensive keywords that never seem to convert, then we ensure you don’t waste any budget on those words ever again
  • Rather than aiming to have your ad displayed in the top position in Google’s results (where cost per click can be sky high), we rebid so you enjoy the optimal position that generates the most clicks and conversions for your budget


  • Complement your one-off PPC Advertising campaign with an Ongoing Google Ads Optimisation Plan – providing continued keyword and bidding refinement, ongoing ad split-testing and new research into profitable keywords and targeting strategies to further increase your sales
  • Improve your search advertising by targeting your existing search market campaigns using remarketing lists (RLSA), reach your current customers with “customer match” targeting, find new customers using similar audiences, or even target specific demographics that you think are more likely to convert to a sale on your site
  • Enjoy much cheaper prices for each click to your site via Google Ads Display Network Advertising. Have us use your site’s graphics and wording to create a range of different-sized image ads that your market will see on a huge selection of your choice of third-party websites, videos and apps
  • Follow your existing website or landing page visitors around the web (so they think you are a household name that advertises all over the web) with Highly Targeted Remarketing Campaigns that remind potential customers that they are missing out on your best products and services
  • Profit from the most advanced and recently added Google Ads targeting methods such as Custom Intent Targeting that display your image ads to just your competitors’ website visitors – then pinch those customers for yourself with bespoke offerings on your own landing pages
  • Or simply tell us about your online market and we can put together a once-only or ongoing advertising plan that will not only suit your budget but will generate much more money than you invest in online advertising – Our Results speak (and pay) for themselves

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