Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

Web Design Packages

Want to enjoy the spoils of a website designed to generate traffic and sales in order to grow your business online? We create fully responsive, branded sites that are optimised to gain high Google rankings and to generate maximum leads and sales.

Website Design & Creation

In order to guarantee increased traffic and sales for our clients, our Web Design Agency always creates websites that are easy to optimise for high Google search results and are designed with conversion rate optimisation best practices in mind. Our sites lack the countless known flaws seen in generic templated websites created by ill-informed theme designers, which often contain conversion killing homepage slideshows or hidden SEO issues such as duplicate content and bad coding.

Because your business needs a website that works as a marketing tool to generate leads and sales, Albion offers websites designed by marketing experts, rather than graphic designers. Sure, we finish our sites off with beautiful graphics and lovely branding colours, but what’s underneath the hood is what really matters. Our sites are created in a way that allows them to rank highly in the search results and are designed to work as a lead or sales generating machine – not a static brochure.

The next most important thing your business needs from a site is for it to be easily updatable by your team. Many brands discover far too late that they have just paid for a site that can’t be updated unless they pay the designer or developer for each tiny change. Worse is the fact that some unscrupulous web design firms make life easy for themselves by creating your site using their own content management system, rather than a open source one such as WordPress, which means you have to pay them whenever you want to add functionality – something that can be done for free and in just a few clicks when using free plugins for WordPress, Magento or other popular platforms.

Because web designers (to be honest there are no web designers anymore – developers usually select and adapt existing themes and apply your logo and content) look at the aesthetics laid over the top of a site, many of the essential functions are often lacking when it comes to growing a business online. For that reason, we always offer the below with every website package, including:

Website Setup

  1. Open source content management system such as WordPress – so you can amend pages in-house
  2. Hosted on your own hosting package – so you have full 24/7 access to all your template files and media
  3. Email account creation – so you can receive messages from multiple email accounts
  4. Google Analytics setup – so you can see website traffic statistics to discover how people find your site


Search Optimised

  1. Search engine friendly urls – so robots have no problem crawling your pages and blog/news posts
  2. Html and Xml sitemaps – so humans and Google robots can easily access every page on your site
  3. SEO plugin enabled – so you can add meta data (the wording seen in search results) to each page
  4. Error-free configuration – so you can make new pages without creating duplicate content issues


Conversion Optimised

  1. Contact forms – that redirect to thank you pages which are tracked as a conversion whenever visited
  2. Lead generation forms – that sit at the top of your landing pages to ensure you get maximum leads
  3. Newsletter sign-up forms and buttons – that can integrate with your existing or new subscriber list
  4. Click to call phone numbers – so it is easy for mobile users to call your team in just one click


Website features

  1. Fully responsive – so content is visible on desktop computers and laptops, tablets and mobile devices
  2. Fully secure – so you can be sure your website is safe from hackers by clicking an update button
  3. Fully adaptable – so you can change colours, add products, pages or amend sidebar elements
  4. Fully customisable – so you can add free plugins that create animations, slideshows and the rest…


Standard website packages that enjoy the above features are created to best host your content and are designed around your business goals and branding. All the sites we build have header areas with your logo and navigation, sidebars, footer areas and blog or news sections as standard and can host up to 10 pages. They usually take up to 4 weeks to create and all that is required to get going is for you to provide the images and wording you want to see on each page.

Our standard 10-page website packages cost £3000, there is no VAT to pay and there are no hidden costs or extras. Larger sites with more functionality and more pages are available, including full eCommerce sites that include everything you need to sell products directly to your market from your site. Note that for either package, you would need to pay your yearly hosting and domain registration fees before we start creating your site.

For sites that require a range of extras such as truly bespoke landing pages, extra optimisation, extra graphics and advanced conversion optimisation features, all of this can be added to your new website package or indeed to your existing website as and when needed. All at our standard rates of £97 per hour, £333 per half day, or £3000 for intensive 4.5 day projects.


  • Implemented in 7 one-hour sessions over 4 weeks – so your site can be launched within a month
  • Covers all hosting, domain, email and analytics account set up – so you have full access
  • All work files (design notes, login details, build and launch schedule) shared in Dropbox
  • Includes discussion with your team about the website functionality and features you require
  • Allows your team to list all pages and posts to be added and to send the content for each
  • Truly bespoke homepage design to suit your needs, your offering your branding and messaging
  • Includes back-end page editor so you can amend or add any page or sidebar whenever you need
  • Ensures you get to do a test drive and request amends before the finished website goes live
  • Provides SEO and CRO advice so your web editors can continue with ongoing site optimisation
  • Guaranteed to work well in all devices so visitors get a great experience of your products


  • Pay half before session 1 and half on completion – all tools paid for by Albion and no VAT to pay
  • Requires at least 2 hours of your input to answer questions, provide content and approve our work
  • Requires you pay for one year of website/email hosting and domain registration before we start
  • It is not essential that you have all the wording and images ready before we start because we can add those during the build, however, these do need to be provided within a week of starting. We are happy to advise on the structure of the site and the list of pages and functionality required, but it is advisable for you to compile a rough list of pages you need and provide links to other existing sites and features you see on the web that you like the look of.


1. Planning – Establishing design, functionality and content requirements and account setup
  • We start the process by quizzing you about your products and services, your main marketing message, your branding and the scope pages and functionality you require from your website – and most importantly your main goals
  • Discussion about the visual aspects of the site relating to specific colours present in your existing branded materials and logo design. We request and review the imagery you already have to brainstorm site design ideas
  • As well as running down our list of functionality to be implemented on the site we listen to any specific needs or special requirements regarding your methods of generating and following up on sales leads and product sales
  • We guide you through the simple process of selecting and paying for a year of website hosting at WP Engine or any other host you prefer – and we help you register a domain name and associated email account if you don’t have one
  • Compilation of a full spec list of the features and functionality of the site – and we provide a draft mock-up image of the homepage and a standard page to aid the discussion of establishing the details
2. Setup – Hosting and email creation, content management system and theme installation
  • We guide you through the simple process of selecting and paying for a year of website hosting at WP Engine or any other host you prefer – and we help you register a domain name and associated email account if you require one
  • We create email accounts associated with your domain name such as and have them forwarded to your existing emails or send you the login details which allow you to receive the emails in Gmail or Outlook
  • Installation of the WordPress content management system on your server or on a testing server if your domain points to your existing site. We hide the new site behind a coming soon page while we configure create and configure it
  • Selection and installation of a modern and clean WordPress theme that is to be adapted to reflect the design you previously approved – then we configure the theme and WordPress installation ready to be redesigned and populated
3. Design – Styling the site to your brand colour scheme, adding bespoke fonts and logos
  • Creation of correctly sized branding logos, background images and main content images. Uploading and placement of site-wide imagery in the header area, footer and sidebars. We also rename the image files to help with SEO
  • Configuration of the fonts used throughout the site, including the typefaces used in headings and subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points, call-to-action buttons, testimonials, captions and other textual elements in the site
  • Creation of cascading style sheets (CSS) rules that ensure each section of the site has the correct background colour or image, line-height and spacing layouts. And adapting styles to best render the site in mobile devices
  • Checking the layout and font styles work well in all types of browsers and devices – for example, ensuring there is enough contrast between textual elements and their backgrounds and ensuring all text is legible on mobiles
4. Content – Creation of navigation menus and all pages, plus a news or blog section
  • Creation of the site’s main navigation menu for desktop, tablet and mobile devices – this includes styling menu items in a way that ensures they are highlighted when a user in on that specific page – to help with web usability
  • Creation of the site news or blog section. This not only includes creating pages and layout elements for the main blog or news listing page but also tag pages, category pages and importantly the blog posts themselves
  • Creation and population of every page of the site with the wording and images you provide. We also take time to format each page’s textual content with bullet points, subheadings, graphic elements and branding colours
  • Creation of the news items, press releases, information articles or blog posts you provide, along with the associated images for each post. Again, we ensure each post is nicely formatted to be easy for your visitors to read
5. Functionality – Configuration of contact and lead generation forms and analytics codes
  • Once the majority of your pages and posts are created, populated with content and formatted to look great to your visitors, we create the call-to-action buttons and conversion elements used to acquire leads and sales
  • Configuring and styling of your contact page form, ensuring it redirects to a “thank you” page when completed. Visits to the thank you page are tracked so that your analytics software knows each visit was a lead conversion
  • Setup of your Google Analytics account and website properties. This involves creating the account using your email address and implementing the snippet of code that allows the analytics software to record your visitor stats
  • If you provided text and imagery for specific landing pages in your site (pages designed to generate leads from traffic that comes from advertising or other sources), we go ahead and create their lead generation forms
6. Testing – Functionality and link checking, website test drive, final fixes and site launch
  • We thoroughly test all forms, phone number click-to-call buttons, and other functionality in a selection of devices and browsers and fix any problems we uncover. We also test page load speeds and crawl the site for broken links
  • Once the design, features, functionality, pages, posts and other content is in place on your site, you get to login and review each page of the site in a variety of devices and give us your feedback on amends you require
  • With your approval, we go ahead and move the website from the testing server to your hosting package and/or remove the “coming soon” page, so we can double check everything works well on your main domain
  • We provide a set of resources that describe how you can make new pages, publish blog posts or amend existing elements – and we stay on hand to ensure all your questions are answered while you get used to your new site


  • Complement your once-only basic website design package with bespoke extras like more pages or increased functionality. We can create new sections such as case studies, press releases, download sections or any other content you want to share with your market – or have any of the above added to your current site via bespoke web development services
  • Upgrade your package so you can sell products from your site. Our eCommerce website packages include everything included in the above basic website package plus everything you need for an online shop such as product pages, featured, promoted and related product areas, shopping cart pages, checkout and lots more
  • Increase the number of visits to your site each day with instant paid search traffic, free Google SEO traffic, or generate more leads and sales from that traffic with a round of conversion rate optimisation – where we split test your marketing messaging, landing page layouts and homepage appeals to uncover the combination that makes converts the most sales
  • Or tell us about your requirements, about the failings of your current site and the functionality and features you believe will help turn your next website into the sales and marketing tool it needs to be – and we would be happy to put together a web design package that suits your budget and business goals. Take a look at the results we have achieved for clients via our effective landing page and website design services

Secure Your Website Package

Tell us more about your products and services, your primary online goals or your existing website's address to discover how our results-driven web design package is likely to gain more traffic and sales from your target online market.