Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

SEO Packages

Need guaranteed SEO results? Secure a bespoke on-page or off-page Search Engine Optimisation campaign that is guaranteed to increase Google rankings for over half the keyword phrases we target - or you won't pay a penny.

On-Page SEO Campaigns

Albion’s highly sought-after 6-day, 18-day and 26-day campaigns cover every area of on-page Search Engine Optimisation, such as fixing the hidden SEO issues which affect Google when it discovers, crawls, indexes and ranks your web pages. As part of all our packages we also identify keyword phrases that have large search volume and relatively low competition, and then map your pages to target keyword phrases.

Once we know which set of keywords to target, we go about optimising the content of your target pages. In addition to your target keywords, we also include qualifier keywords (such as “buy”, “shop”, “sale”, “online”, “best”, “free”, etc) in the meta data of your pages. This helps your pages qualify to appear in a whole range of related long-tail search queries, as well as for your target keyword phrases. We track up to 100 different keyword phrases in your target country and device and provide weekly PDF rankings reports – so you can see your rankings increase during the campaign and for 2 months after it is completed.

We uncover which pages (actually, which URLs) in your site have lots of potential, due to the ranking power passed to them from incoming links from other sites. We then go ahead and distribute that “link juice” to your target pages, helping them further improve their position in Google’s search engine results. All of our SEO packages and plans provide you with a sneaky list of the best incoming links (that help your competitors rank above you) – which your team can use to continue the SEO campaigns with an in-house link-building effort.

Our on-page SEO campaigns are guaranteed to increase Google rankings for over half the keyword phrases we target – or you don’t pay a penny. The total cost of a 6-day campaign is £3055 = discounted to £3000 (there is no VAT to pay, no hidden extras and we cover the cost of all reporting and pro SEO tools).

Need one-off or bespoke Search Engine Optimisation services? Existing customers can top up their once-only on-page SEO campaigns with off-page link building or ongoing monthly SEO plans that take all the work out of your hands. Rates are £97 per hour or £333 per half day – again all pro tools are paid for by Albion and there is no VAT or hidden extras to pay for.


  • Implemented on Tuesdays and Thursdays and completed within 4 weeks of the start date
  • Covers all weekly Google rankings, error and opportunity reports for 3 months
  • All files (weekly reports, campaign spreadsheet, opportunities list) shared in Dropbox
  • Resolves at least 90% of all hidden crawl errors and duplicate content issues
  • Keyword research and meta data optimisation for at least 15 of the most important pages
  • Content optimisation of textual copy and images for at least 5 of the most important pages
  • Covers everything apart from ongoing content marketing and incoming link-building
  • Provides lists of your competitors’ best links required for in-house link-building
  • Provides 3 months of SEO coverage with options to continue ongoing optimisation
  • Guaranteed to increase Google rankings for over half the keyword phrases we target


  • Pay half before session 1 and half on completion – all tools paid for by Albion and no VAT to pay
  • Requires at least 30 mins input from your team during or after each session to approve our work
  • Requires full access to your site control panel and existing Google Analytics / Search Console account
  • It is essential that no major work is done on your website during or in the run-up to our campaign. For example – no renaming or changing of page URLs or meta data, site structure or core content as this can seriously affect the outcome of your SEO campaign. Best to leave site tweaks and changes until after the campaign is completed to ensure you enjoy the maximum effect of the optimisation package


1. Setup – Full crawl, spreadsheet and reporting setup, all benchmarks stats and full fix list
  • Crawling and exporting a spreadsheet of every one of your website’s pages including their URLs, meta titles, meta descriptions, headings, subheadings, language tags, redirect URLs, internal link count and page speed information
  • Creating a fully comprehensive campaign spreadsheet you can access at any time to see the above data about each page and its target keyword phrases, its rankings, and the amount of organic traffic it receives every month
  • Recording your website benchmark statistics for the previous few months, including your main traffic sources, domain authority, number of errors, incoming links and lead/sales conversions so we can monitor the improvements achieved
  • Compiling a document of all your site’s hidden technical SEO errors, duplicate content issues, non-optimised meta data and content as well as identifying how to fix each issue, to produce a prioritised list of SEO opportunities
2. Keywords – Keyword research, selection and mapping, plus rankings reporting setup
  • Using a whole range of tools including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush and others to identify which keyword phrases your site already ranks for and which other phrases receive large volumes of searches from your market
  • Mapping your existing website pages to the primary and secondary keyword phrases they would most suit being optimised for and identifying modified words that qualify your pages to rank for a whole bunch of other search terms
  • Adding all of your target keyword phrases into tools that track rankings and setting up weekly reports that inform us of all of your ranking positions in Google search results each week from the start of your campaign for 3 months
  • Recording your existing Google ranking positions for each of your target pages in your campaign spreadsheet and recording how much organic search traffic each target page receives from Google each month, so we can monitor progress
3. Meta Data – Meta title and meta descriptions suggestions for all of your target web pages
  • Comprehensive review of your target web pages’ existing meta titles (the clickable blue phrase seen in the search engine results pages) and meta descriptions (the paragraph of text that sits beneath each clickable meta title)
  • Creation of suggested new improved meta titles covering not only your target keyword phrases but the modifier and qualifier keywords that help the page rank highly for its target keyword phrases and other related search queries
  • Suggesting improved meta descriptions that include variations of your target keyword phrases as well as compelling marketing copy that encourages searchers to click through to your site or to call your team right away
  • Recording all of these new meta titles and meta descriptions in your SEO campaign spreadsheet and sending them for you to review – so you can either approve or improve on any of them by having us make amends as per your wishes
4. Content – Meta title and descriptions implementation, content optimisation suggestions
  • Populating your content management system with the newly created meta titles and meta descriptions for each target web page as well as adding your target keyword phrases and checking each page’s source code reflects these changes
  • Creating a document and populating it with all of the content present in each of your target pages, then recording each page’s target keyword phrase, new meta title and new meta description as well as all modifier and qualifier words
  • Weaving your target keyword phrases into the document of existing web page copy, by adding synonyms and different phrasings of your target keyword phrases into headings, subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points and other page elements
  • Presenting you with the document of new suggested page copy that includes the new wording highlighted in different colours, allowing you to approve or improve the changes you will see reflected in your target web pages
5. Linking – Content optimisation and internal linking, URL redirects and prospect links list
  • Populating all of your target web pages with the newly optimised copy and formatting each new element, such as new subheadings, bullet points, bold text, internal links, etc. Then checking changes to each page before publication
  • Creating a HTML sitemap and linking to it in the footer of each page, manually adding links between related pages using your keywords as anchor text and ensuring important pages are linked to in footer links and site sub-navigation
  • Using pro SEO tools such as Majestic and SEMrush to generate a list of links from other sites to your web pages and creating permanent redirects for all the pages that have since changed URL to get ranking power from incoming links
  • Using SEO tools to export lists of the links that point to your main competitors’ sites giving them high rankings, then sorting and prioritising the list so your team can request similar links to your own site in the future
6. Errors – All remaining technical SEO fixes, improvements and xml sitemap submission
  • Implementing technical SEO fixes in the coding of your web pages or template files, reconfiguring website plugins to resolve duplicate content issues and other problems that were not resolved during the first 5 phases of your SEO campaign
  • Reworking the initial fix-list to reflect all the now-fixed SEO issues and new SEO opportunities identified during the campaign – to enable your team to optimise new pages before they publish them in the future
  • Creating a live xml sitemap and submitting it to Google Search Console. This ensures Google is informed every time you publish new pages or posts on your site, allowing it to crawl, index and rank pages you publish in the future
  • Between 2 and 4 hours of the final phase are used for recording each target pages’ new rankings and traffic stats in your campaign spreadsheet over the following 2 months and allows time for analysis of your increased traffic and conversions

More SEO Options

  • Complement your once-only on-page SEO campaign package with an ongoing search optimisation plan – providing continuing off-site link-building services and content marketing to generate more ranking power for your target pages
  • Get more pages in the top results by upgrading your SEO package to include optimisation of your content and meta data of further pages and posts on your site – or pull extra free traffic by ranking for phrases we can optimise your blog category and tag pages for
  • Go further than the basics and achieve rankings in the local listings. See your site above the competition in the “local pack” of search results that lists local businesses with a Google My Business account. See your site on Google Maps and enjoy all the extra traffic and sales that local listings can generate
  • Need quick, instant traffic? Have us implement a paid search advertising campaign using Adwords to ensure you sit above the competition in the search engine results. Choose your target keywords and budget then allow us to set your bids and create your ads, then target searchers in your chosen locations – bring them right to your landing pages and see exactly how many leads are generated from your investment in paid search
  • Or simply tell us about your online market and the phrases you think they search for in Google – we can put together a once-only or ongoing SEO package that will not only suit your budget but is guaranteed to increase your rankings for over half the keyword phrases we target. See the fantastic results we have achieved for our clients and remember: SEO campaigns often pay for themselves many times over due to the increased profits generated by long-lasting high positions in Google

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