Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

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Discover the hidden technical SEO issues and untapped opportunities that when resolved, will allow Google to better crawl, index and rank your webpages to generate more traffic and sales.

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    How We Grow Creative Sector Brands


    Looking for marketing campaigns that can pay for themselves many times over? We stake our reputation and our fee on getting great results. So if we don’t increase your rankings, traffic or sales (or reduce your cost per acquisition) you won’t pay a penny.

    Recent Results

    SEO Logo Studio


    seo tuition

    Inkbot Design were frustrated that their website was not appearing as high as they expected in the search results. By having us audit the site then fix a large number of hidden issues, we were able to pull over 5 times more search visitors per week with no ongoing work required.

    • Technical SEO & Crawl Issue Fixes
    • Duplicate Content Issue Fixes
    • Broken Link Fixes & Redirects
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    CRO Studio


    website design and development agency

    After proposing 2 new alternate layouts to a New York recording studio’s homepage, we were asked to go ahead and test if either of them generated more leads than the existing design. Both layouts generated more than twice the number of leads for the same number of visitors.

    • Homepage Proposition Area Copywriting
    • Homepage UX & Responsive Redesign
    • Homepage Multivariate Split Testing
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    CRO Influencers


    website development agency

    We generated a huge 334% increase in sales leads each week from the same amount of traffic by redesigning and refining the Brand Influencers’ homepage with lists of benefits, social proof, authority elements, an explainer video and a simple enquiry form above the page fold.

    • Online Competitor & Market Research
    • Homepage Copywriting & Redesign
    • Homepage Multivariate Split Testing
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    SEO for the Creative Industries

    It goes without saying that your brand needs to rank in the top position in Google for your organisation’s name, so your existing customers can easily find you. However, it is high visibility in Google’s organic results for the search queries that relate to the actual services and products you sell, that really matters with regard to increasing sales from new customers online.

    Attracting large volumes of highly targeted traffic is one of Albion’s main specialities – you can see this from our exceptional results. Of course, Search Engine Optimisation involves not only optimising the content and metadata for each page’s target keywords. It also involves an array of tactics that provide Google with everything it needs in order to reward your site with top rankings that push your competitors out of view. After all, there are thousands of times more potential customers out there that know of the services you provide than those that know your brand name. That’s where the money is.

    The tactics used to achieve high rankings and large volumes of natural search traffic are always changing. This is due to Google’s evolving nature. The problem is many agencies that provide marketing services for creative industries either don’t know what works best or fail to keep up with SEO industry best practices and methods known to give Google exactly what it needs to rank your website high in the results pages.

    Currently, the most successful methods include areas of technical SEO, that ensures your web pages are quick loading and are efficient for Googlebot to crawl, index and rank. This includes removing duplicate content from tag pages and date archives, which dilute Google’s index of your content and cause your pages to compete against each other and “share” the ranking power – causing your pages to drop in position. It also includes internal linking methods that pass maximum ranking power on to important pages that are known to pull in all those potential online customers you are currently missing.

    creative services marketing agency

    • Music Industry
    • Artist Brands
    • Design Firms
    • Web Designers
    • Photographers

    With the help of a savvy digital marketing or SEO agency these once-only tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently. They can also be complemented with ongoing content marketing and link building campaigns that not only help build your page’s trust and relevance, increasing traffic from other sites, but also boost your rankings due to each incoming link acting as a “vote” for your page. It is this link building that is undoubtedly the most powerful way to achieve top rankings for phrases your market are searching for.

    Of course, gaining first position rankings in Google won’t bring your creative sector brand a single extra visit if your pages are optimised for keyword phrases that few people search for. So we do extensive keyword research before anything else, in order to ensure both your and our team enjoys a full understanding of the most lucrative target keywords to optimise your pages for. As well as this, keyword research uncovers the all-important “modifier” and “qualifier” keywords that should be included in your pages to help you rank for a whole range of related search queries your search market use when searching the web.

    For example, by including variations of this page’s target keyword phrase “creative services marketing” in the heading, subheadings, meta data and content of this page, it has a chance of ranking for that search term. And by including words like “digital”, “services”, “agency” and other qualifier keywords into the page content and meta data, this web page is able to “qualify” to rank higher in Google’s results for a much larger number of relevant search queries. Again, most generalist marketing agencies only have a basic understanding of how Google works so their clients tend to fail when it comes to reaching their true potential online.

    For those that sell products or services in the creative sector, the same is true. The volume of free search traffic increases vastly if they make use of proper keyword research and page optimisation. For example, if your homepage is optimised for “recording studio New York”, then it and other pages should likely also include words like “music”, “production” and “audio”.

    If you are an artist selling your works, it is always wise to pick up those potential repeat customers who have already searched for the obvious “main keywords” (that have high competition in the search results). To do this you need to add words like “limited edition”, “framed”, “prints”, as well as “buy“, “online“, “shop“, “store“, and “gallery“. And of course adding words that relate to your style, or subject matter.

    Identifying these less-obvious words can help you rank for your main target phrases and also the “long-tail” search queries people use. It can be a real eye-opener for those who haven’t previously had their pages optimised by experienced SEO experts when they realise how much more traffic is out there for less popular, but just as targeted search queries, that they were previously missing out on to their competitors each day.

    Case Studies

    law firm marketing

    Law Firm Marketing

    Discovering new opportunities for Canada’s top immigration law firm
    To empower a top-level Canadian immigration attorney’s brand with the ability to reach new markets and increase sales enquiries, we reworked the firm’s website copy and transformed it into highly optimised content that reached new potential customers from the United States.

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    recording studio marketing

    Recording Studio Marketing

    Pulling celebs into the studio with psychological conversion testing
    Where do Sting, Springsteen and Lauren Hill go to have their latest releases mixed and produced? The answer is Supreme Tracks studio in New York City. The firm woos high-profile customers with page copy that exploits cognitive biases with a/b split testing and conversion rate optimisation courtesy of the Albion team.

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    print design marketing

    Design Agency Marketing

    Promoting special arts services throughout London and beyond
    Having built a solid local brand around the south coast of the UK, SAS Graphics work with big clients including Reuters and ITV. However, in order to market their large-format printing services to museums and corporate clients in the capital, they hired Albion to improve their websites and increase traffic and sales leads.

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    albion crown


    • A very systematic, methodical and transparent approach that gives results…Our CRO campaign has resulted in significant improvement of our conversion rate, +105% improvement to be precise.

    • We have already seen a 50% increase in organic traffic (in less than 3 months) and we are able to manage the performance ourselves and we are seeing ongoing improvements.

    • They always go the extra mile with great background research, making it their business to fully understand the market they are working in, to add maximum value.

      Any Huggins - CEO
      Rocket Marketing Group

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