Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

Space Marketing

We provide specialist marketing and publicity services for commercial space and satellite launch businesses as well as space education brands that require ongoing growth. See some recent case studies or get in touch for a free digital marketing plan review.

Results-Driven Marketing Agency

Looking for marketing campaigns that can pay for themselves many times over? We stake our reputation and our fee on getting great results. So if we don’t increase your rankings, traffic or sales (or reduce your cost per acquisition) you won’t pay a penny. Learn more about SEO for space industry brands, PPC for space products or Conversion Optimisation for the space sector.


Unlike most other digital marketing agencies, our primary goal is to ensure all our clients enjoy ongoing business growth.

Professional Service:
You will work directly with a senior company director rather than an inexperienced account manager.

Transparent Rates:
No lengthy tied-in contracts, a choice of pricing models and a website or marketing strategy review to get you started.

  • More Customer Loyalty From Better Branding
  • More Traffic From Search Engine Optimisation
  • More Visibility From Google Search Advertising
  • More Leads From Persuasive Website Design
  • More Sales From Conversion Rate Optimisation

Case Studies

brand logo design in space

Space Business Marketing


Empowering a U.S. Space Utilization Firm to Reach out to New Worlds!
“Mars is in our hearts – but the moon is in our business plan.” Jeffrey Manber, CEO of NanoRacks. In order to help a Houston-based space brand sign up universities, private businesses and governments to their payload launch services, we keep them kitted out with compelling marketing messaging, a beautiful site and a rocket load of traffic.

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educational app marketing

App Store Marketing

/ /

Recovering lost online sales for a popular educational app store
The benefits of supplementing lessons at school and home using learning apps are enjoyed by teachers, parents and children around the globe. But when the UK’s most popular educational app store saw their online traffic drop after a continued period of growth, they called Albion in to show them how to turn their fate around.

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space science marketing

Space Science Marketing


Bringing space into the classroom to inspire the next generation
DreamUp help students of universities, colleges and schools take part in real-life space research on-board the International Space Station. The brand’s educational website was created by a business partner before Albion were invited to help improve the site design and content as well as provide advice for their web team.

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Marketing Services for the Space Industry

With a history of providing results-based digital marketing services for commercial space products and services, Albion enjoys a considerable understanding of space industry markets. We have achieved this level of insight by working for over a decade with a range of space exploration and space technology brands around the world, helping them achieve ongoing growth via the web.

For this reason, we believe we are better placed than most marketing agencies to design and implement a range of online strategies known to attract web traffic from targeted markets and to encourage more visitors to convert into paying customers. It is our understanding of the space entertainment and hardware supply market, and our experience in creating bespoke marketing campaigns, that allows our clients to grow online in a way that lets them reinvest some of their increased revenue back into further marketing efforts – producing the “snowball effect” many firms desire.

Marketing space brands or satellite technology products and services doesn’t come without its own challenges due to the increasing volume of competition. However, the market for space-based programmes is growing, as is the demand for new, forward-thinking solutions to in-space needs. This provides opportunities for space-related businesses to create, manufacture and sell their services, hardware and educational programmes to an expanding global market.

space marketing agency

  • New Space Brands
  • Launch Providers
  • Satellite Operators
  • Space Manufacturers
  • Engineering Firms
  • Space Consultants

From commercial space companies that offer payload launch and integration services in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to online app stores and organisations that provide space-based educational STEM programmes – our client testimonials attest to how we have become the first choice for many space brands that now enjoy increased sales from new markets they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to reach or monetise.

How do we use our insight into NASA customers, the commercial spaceflight sector and satellite technology product manufacturers to help grow businesses? Well, we start by tapping into your existing understanding of your product, your market, and your existing customers’ needs and behaviour. After helping you identify the main factors that encourage your potential customers to decide who to buy from, we are able to exploit this intelligence to design strategic online marketing campaigns that not only attract more potential customers but increase trust in your brand to improve your sales figures.

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  • I know of no one who better weaves together both imagination with Internet capabilities… your vision, whether personal or commercial, will take shape on the Internet.

    Jeff Manber - CEO
  • They always go the extra mile with great background research, making it their business to fully understand the market they are working in, to add maximum value.

    Any Huggins - CEO
    Rocket Marketing Group
  • Insightful & innovative. Not only in creating the websites for our business (Yuzoz) but also understanding business models and consumer behaviour. Highly recommended.

    John Mangano - Vice President

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