Results-Driven Business Growth
Results-Driven Business Growth

Google Ads Packages

Want to follow your target market around the web with highly clickable image ads that generate sales? Have us create or optimise your Google Ads display network campaigns to guarantee cheaper cost per conversion rates - or you won't pay a penny.

Google Image Ad Campaigns

Albion are a leading Google Ads Optimisation Agency that gets great results for clients in a range of sectors. Our 3-day, 6-day and ongoing Google Ads (formerly Adwords) campaign packages provide everything you need to see your products and services advertised all over the web. You will enjoy ongoing business growth and have full control of how much you invest in image ads each month. With our help you can profit from campaigns that get a whole lot more out of Google Ads than you put in.

Our comprehensive packages include a) the research needed to plan and create an array of campaigns that map your target products, b) the copywriting and design skills required to create a large selection of responsive image ads and c) the insider Google Display Network (GDN) knowledge that ensures your ads are visible in the best slots on relevant sites all around the web. Best of all is that with Pay Per Click advertising you only pay Google when someone clicks on one of your ads – so all the visibility you get is totally free advertising for your brand.

We will create your ads and help you chose which sites, videos and apps to display them on. We take great care to target the right potential customers – those who are most likely to click through and buy your products on your landing pages. Our campaign packages ensure you only pay for clicks from people in your target locations who are using your target devices (such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc) at choice times of the day and/or week.

The options for image advertising on the Google Display Network keep increasing as time goes on. Advertisers can follow existing landing page visitors who didn’t convert around the web with image ads, or target “in-market audiences” that Google knows are looking for your products. It is even possible to even pinch customers by advertising to those who have recently visited your competitors’ websites!

We will oversee your Google Ad campaigns, ad groups, image ads and placement options. However, it doesn’t stop there. Once your ads are activated, we make a thorough study of the initial click data before embarking on the work of optimising your campaigns so your budget is best spent on the ads and placements most likely to generate leads or sales on your site. Then, by reviewing data about all the sites your ads have appeared on, we are able to refine the bids and ads even further – to ensure we don’t waste any budget on sites or ads that don’t convert as well as others. This not only allows us to continually refine your advertising campaign to achieve the optimal number of lead conversions for your daily budget, it also tells us exactly which wording works best to sell your products and services.

Our display image advertising campaign set-up packages are guaranteed to generate much cheaper clicks than Pay Per Click Search Advertising campaigns. And these clicks will be from highly targeted potential customers which means you can vastly reduce your cost per sale acquisition. If that doesn’t happen you won’t pay us a single penny. Set-up campaigns are done in 9 half-day sessions over 2 months at a total cost of £3,055 (discounted to £3,000) with no VAT to pay and no hidden extras. We also cover the cost of all reporting and pro PPC tools used to build your campaigns and spy on competitor advertising stats.

Those who need their existing Google Ads display network image ad campaigns made more profitable can benefit from our monthly ongoing advertising campaign optimisation plans – which take all the guesswork out of the equation. Get in touch to ensure your current set-up is not wasting your budget each month through off-target ad placements, suboptimal ad wording or landing page flaws. Ongoing Google Ads optimisation rates are £97 per hour or £333 per half day. Again, all professional PPC tools are paid for by Albion with no VAT to pay or hidden extras.


  • Implemented in 7 hour or 3.5 hour sessions spread over 8 weeks from the start date
  • Covers all reporting so you can see which sites your ads were viewed and clicked on
  • All files (targeting, competitor and ad research, schedule and reports) shared in Dropbox
  • Targets up to 5 products or services with campaigns and images ads created for each one
  • Bid adjustments to target preferred device types, times of the day/week and locations
  • Image advert graphics and copywriting designed to generate high click-through rates
  • Ensures 3 rounds of ad split-testing to refine your ad wording to achieve optimum clicks
  • Provides conversion tracking and landing page design advice for your web developers
  • Covers full build and optimisation of your ad campaigns for 2 months of advertising
  • Guaranteed to increase display network traffic or sales lead conversions from Google


  • Pay half before session 1 and half on completion – all tools paid for by Albion and no VAT to pay
  • Requires at least 30 mins input from your team during or after each session to approve our work
  • Requires access to your Google Analytics account and permission to create your Google Ads Account
  • Though not essential, it is strongly recommended that your site has tailor-made product pages or specific landing pages with highly visible lead acquisition forms (which redirect to trackable “thank you” pages when submitted). This allows us to optimise your advertising campaigns to maximise leads and sales conversions


1. Planning – Product research and mapping, information gathering and Google Ads strategy
  • Deciding which paid image advertising strategies are best suited to your products and services – so we can acquire the clicks most likely to result in leads and sales conversions on your website landing pages
  • Creating shared Dropbox folders for our work files, research documents and the results reports which illustrate which campaigns, targeting methods and ads generated the most sales – giving you 24/7 access to all data
  • Compiling all the relevant questions your team should answer so we can build each campaign in a way that effectively targets your main market demographic and uncovers existing customers’ general browsing habits
  • Requesting access to view your existing Google Ads account (or creating a new one in your existing Google account) and associating it with your Google Analytics – to import your Google Ads data to get a full view of your stats
2. Set-up – Campaigns and Ad Groups creation, conversion tracking setup and configuration
  • Creating new campaigns for each group of products you want to advertise and then creating individual ad groups inside each campaign – so that each target market is exposed to relevant ads on the most suitable sites
  • Configuring each campaign to target your desired countries, cities or postcode regions. Setting each to use Google’s display network targeting methods, such as website placements, remarketing lists and topics of interest
  • Ensuring each campaign’s set of ad groups have a suitable initial default bid and the required bid adjustments for different devices, locations and times of the week – so your image ads are clicked by those most likely to buy
  • Setting up goal conversions in Google Analytics and importing them to your Google Ads account – so we can see which website ad placements other targeting methods generate the most sales for your budget
3. Targeting – Targeting research, selecting websites to advertise on and bid adjustments
  • Gathering initial placement data to provide you with a list of relevant websites, videos and apps in Google’s display network that are able and willing to host your Google Ads image ads – then advising on which to select
  • Setting up remarketing lists that add a cookie to your existing website visitors’ browser which allows us to add them to your “audience” – so we can follow them around the web on the websites they routinely visit
  • Identifying web pages about your target market’s interests, or creating “custom intent” audience lists of your competitor sites to follow their visitors around the web with your targeted, and highly clickable image ads
  • Adjusting initial default bids to ensure they’re not so low that ads aren’t shown and not too high that they cost more than we want to pay per click. Then adjusting bids to suit our target locations and devices
4. Ad Creation – Image advert graphic design, ad copywriting and ad campaign activation
  • Downloading product images, background images and branded logo graphics from your site then photoshopping them so they are the right dimensions for a whole range of different-sized image ads that work in all devices
  • Using the collected images to create visually appealing responsive ads that contain graphics that represent your products and services and your brand logo – then designing ad text colours to match your graphics and brand
  • Incorporating your products’ benefit points and features into ad copy, including marketing psychology copywriting and best practices to catch your market’s attention and encourage them to click your display image ads
  • Ensuring each ad group contains only ads that strongly reflect your target market or audience’s intent and interests – by wording your ad’s titles and descriptions in a way that explains why your offering beats the competition
5. Optimisation – Initial click data review, bidding amendments and ad wording optimisation
  • Studying the first few days and weeks of paid advertising click data, including the image ads that generated most clicks, the average cost of those clicks and the figures relating to which ones generated sales
  • Feeding the intelligence gained from our click data review back into Google Ads by revising our choice of targeting options and which sites our ads are placed on, minimising the possible wastage of budget on off-target audiences
  • Adjusting the amount of money we are happy to pay for clicks on each audience list – for example, ensuring we are not paying for clicks from our own staff or visitors who are unlikely to convert
  • Ensuring each ad group has at least 2 alternate image ads running at the same time – so we can collect the click data to show which “best guess” ad gets the best click-through and conversion rates
6. Refinement – Ad split testing, targeting/bid adjustments and final rebidding
  • Having optimised the wording of your initial set of ads in each ad group we further refine them by pausing the worst-performing ads and making variations to those best-performers in a series of image ad split-tests
  • We uncover if your cheapest sales conversions come via mobile, tablet or desktop devices – or if they come from particular locations or during office hours or at night-time – then we adjust bids accordingly to maximise your ROI
  • We review every targeting method used to display your ad to your target market on an ongoing basis and identify sites and audiences that rarely convert to a lead or sale, then rebid or pause those ad groups to save money
  • Rather than aiming to have your ad displayed on any site, video or app in the Google Display Network that will host it, we adjust and amend bids to suit the placements that generate the most clicks and sales conversions


  • Complement your one-off image advertising campaign with an ongoing Google Ads optimisation plan providing further ad split-testing alongside refined targeting and bidding strategies to ensure continued growth via online sales
  • Introduce new potential customers to your products and services by appearing at the top of Google’s search results via PPC Search Advertising. Have us bid on your target keywords so your text ads appear above the competition and pull new visitors to your website
  • Target potential customers who previously visited your landing pages but didn’t fill out your lead generation form or buy anything from you via Remarketing Ad Campaigns (so they are exposed to ads that reiterate your offer and benefits of buying from you rather than from competitors)
  • Profit from Custom Intent Targeting that collects lists of potential customers who visit your competitors’ web pages – then follow those people around the web with image ads that explain how they get a better deal, choice or service from you – to effectively “pinch” your rivals’ customers
  • Or simply tell us about your online market and have us put together a once-only or ongoing text/image advertising plan to suit your budget – and generate profitable campaigns that make lots more money than they cost to run – Our Results speak (and pay) for themselves

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